Muslim violence having an impact on western society: giving into Islamic jihadist violence

A common issue that often comes up is violence in a society, and how that violence is dealt with. In the western world, there is a common understanding that all or almost all violence is senseless. But in the Muslim world where there is an honor culture, there is a place for violence in society. In Muslim societies, the concept of revenge violence to protect your honor is praised and very common.

Charlie Hebdo is a great example of Muslim violence and how the Muslim world and the western world deals with that violence. For Muslims, violence and the threat of violence is an effective option to get thingsĀ  to go their way. In the western world, there is obvious fear, and quick appeasement under the guise of cultural understanding.

President Barak Obama and John Kerry called the Charlie Hebdo violence senseless. But for the jihadists, this was a very meaningful action that led to meaningful results.

When the western media outlets claim to be sensitive to the feelings of Muslims. But that is precisely the problem because you are forced to be sensitive to the feelings of Muslims because otherwise they will kill you like they did in the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

To put things in contrast, people aren’t as sensitive to the feelings of Christians when showing offensive pictures of Jesus Christ. People simply don’t have to be as sensitive to Christians or other groups because there is no threat of violence like there is when dealing with Muslims.

Richard also talks about a student in his class who talked about dehumanizing the nazis. And that is an example of how people want to be nice and don’t want to make some group to be evil. In the modern era, the Muslim jihadists spread the kind of violence or hate that is equivalent to the nazis, and openly call and actually pursue genocide of infidels (what they call all people in the west who don’t believe in Islam) and heretics. This is a good example of how in the west we want to be nice to groups and other people and how many people have a niceness that makes it easy to be blind to some of the worst evil in the world.

There is a sort of a moral narcissism going on here. It can even be said to be liberal moral narcissism where good people don’t want to think others as being bad. Because once someone is bad, you have to actually do work and oppose them. And if you are afraid of them, like in the case of being afraid of Muslim violence, then it will be very easy to find excuses to not oppose evils like jihadist and Muslim violence. So moral narcissism leads to excuses for cowardice and not opposing the evils of the world.

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