How the west started losing to Jihad onslaught in universities and media outlets

This video is about the west losing to a jihadi onslaught. Richard dates the beginning of the western collapse to the year 2,000 when we had the Second Intifada.

Usually, civil societies have common ways to defend themselves from threats of pre-modern societies and mindsets which want to use force to dominate because they think that they should dominate western and other societies. Richard shares that he strongly believed in those common defenses that civil and modern societies have, but something happened that made him change his mind.

The pre-modern political model was one where if some people opposed you or stood in your way, you would try to eliminate them if you could. This worked in aristocracies and societies in previous centuries. It is still the case in many third world countries.

Generally, people in modern societies who behave as they would in a pre-modern society would not have much success. That is true except for one case. If they use violence, they are likely to get their way because not many people would confront them.

In the year 2000, during the Second Intifada, key areas of the western public spheres were used by jihadists or people spreading jihadist agenda, and behaved with appeasement and placation as the answer to intimidation.

During the Second Intifada in 2000 when journalists were not depicting what was actually going on, but instead reporting an extensive staged propaganda campaign of how Palestinians had it so bad. And that got a very strong anti-Israel and anti-Jewish response in the west led by Muslims and Arabs living in western countries.

The BDS (boycott, divestment, sanctions) movement is another manifestation of the global jihad movement in which there is a tremendous pressure and propaganda against Israel and everything Jewish. Many of the BDS leaders and people who disseminate their propaganda are Muslim, and do everything they can to take advantage of the great western values to get as much advantage from those values as possible, but themselves spread hate and intolerance.

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